New Version of ZeroPro, v. 2.0.496

Version Released Release Notes
ZeroPro V2 Build 496 2018-11-15
  • Previous stable build, no longer supported
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 538 2019-02-14
  • IMPORTANT: All previous builds have issues wsith Day+ and GTC+ new order expiration types, only this build forward handles this right
  • Fixed an introduced issue with Day+ and GTC+ orders in the Portfolio
  • Fixed introduced issues in build 537 with hotkeys
  • Fixed introduced issues in build 537 with Watchlist row type detection
  • Improved the ShortList load speed and made it refresh if not initalized automatically to avoid closing/re-opening
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 537 2019-02-14
  • Fixed the Chart AutoZoom issues
  • Added Day+ and GTC+ OrderTypes
  • If a modal dialog window opens (like hot keys) the connection window will close, since it tries to be top-most
  • Fixed a crash when opening an option window from the portfolio
  • Hotkeys:
  • Massive rework of Hotkeys (not completed)
  • Fixed an issue with the AllOut hotkey where if many positions the orderIds were not properly set messing the portfolio views
  • Fixed the navigation hotkeys where the window would show, but not get focus
  • Fixed the fact that all hotkeys were registered as global, making the keystrokes not work in most other windows and especially other applications
  • Level2 WindowLoad was never setting order Expiration
  • Watchlist fixes:
  • Removed error on Watchlist when the symbol was wiped out
  • Fixed the WatchList performance issues especially on sorts by making it automatically adjust dynamically based on performance load
  • Made header rows possible with . or '
  • Fixed Watchlist loading/saving of watchlist files
  • Added menu to clear sorting
  • Added menu to delete any trailing rows at the bottom
  • Fixed a crash on closing since making recent changes
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 535 2019-02-08
  • Window titles (Level2 and T&S) now have "Symbol (*SSR*) : CompanyName" when in SSR mode
  • Chart Indicators first values to the left starts at the right values
  • Fixed Level2 CancelLastOrder hotkey
  • Fixed Level2 pressing Enter and possibly sending an order while entering a new symbol
  • Fixed Level2, if Decimals is changed, it is now reflected on all values, the Montage, LastTrades and the L1 labels on top
  • Made times throughout be 24 hrs based rather than AM/PM. This is for consistency within all windows. Later will be an a global option
  • WatchList Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the DeleteRow crash introduced in Build 534
  • Fixed the issues when sorting, the updates went all out of order
  • Fixed the right click, open another window. This was forever broken before
  • Simplified menu for Add/Remove Row
  • Made the settings button work in the window toolbar
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 534 2019-02-06
  • Complete Rewrite of the WatchList window
  • Made columns headers have dividers on all grids throughout the application
  • Made charts to consider bid/ask to filter out of order ticks (normally from late reporting)
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 533 2019-02-05
  • Level2 Quantity editor improved behavior to avoid exceptions
  • On a LoadLayout, it will now register the watchlist symbols and the charts
  • Account portfolio had an issue with SOD OvernightBP and RealizedPL (The realizedPL was also wrong in 496)
  • Fixed editing of symbols in Watchlist, where if a symbol was typed quickly, the second keystroke was lost
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 532 2019-01-31
  • Re-enabled the upload of crash & error reports
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 531 2019-01-29
  • Started heavy Rework of Preferences Window
  • Level2 customization of fonts persisting now into the layout
  • Added Settings toolbar button and made it work on Charts and TimeAndSales
  • Temporarily disabled changing of colors on TimeAndSales (To later have it global for L2 and TimeAndSales)
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 530 2019-01-25
  • Complete rework of the TimeAndSales window
  • Fixed the crash when the Hotkeys file doesn't exists, on brand new installs
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 529 2019-01-23
  • Fixed Hotkeys Loading at StartUp (didn't work all the time in 528)
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 528 2019-01-22
  • Fixed a crash when chart indicators were recalculated while deleting an indicator
  • Removed an issue on App closing that was trying to modify a settings file in Program Files requiring Administrator and causing an error
  • Hotkeys load on startup
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 526 2019-01-17
  • VWAP now has an option to calculate all sessions (7am to 8pm) or just the Regular Trading Session
  • After 6:12pm everyday, anything in the system was having wrong times (conversion bug from the old 496 code)
  • Level2 fix where trades were showing up to LastTrade-1
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 525 2019-01-16
  • Fixed some charts session issues with 60mins and a few "Irregular" sessions (Times where it doesn't fit squarely within the session length)
  • Fixed of changing Qty or any other values in Level2 where the input was captured as part of the symbol
  • Fixed on charts if the symbol text was blank and pressing enter or tabbing out, it was setting the symbol to nothing (Making a symbol not found)
  • Fixed default price increments in Level2 was in fact 1.00, it should had been 0.01 all along
  • Fixed minimize ribbon in the non-floating mode
  • New Feature, if in floating mode, when minimizing the ribbon, the window will also be smaller
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 524 2019-01-15
  • Fixes on chart sessions which could have created other visual issues with charts
  • Added chart option to show/hide trade size on chart trades (So called Triangles)
  • Fixed the hint window which was showing hours in 12hour format, rather than 24
  • Fixed Chart showing trades AvgPrice on market orders (was 0 before as it was using the order limit price)
  • Fixed Chart displaying proper session names
  • Started work on Charts Properties window
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 523 2019-01-14
  • Blank out the saved IP after 8 quick attemps, to go back to the Load Balancer
  • Fixed user orders showing on charts (was broken in recent builds)
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 522 2019-01-11
  • Made options orders not show on charts (Portfolio has the symbol as the underlying)
  • Colored Chart orders based on Buying vs Selling for colors
  • Added the version# to the uploaded crash report
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 519 2019-01-10
  • Open Orders are now showing on charts as a semi-dashed line (it cannot be dragged to change price, will come at a later time)
  • When orders are showing, the chart Axis auto-expands so they're visible, turning off "Show Trades" resets that by also not displaying orders
  • Fixed keystrokes on chart for zoom out, also fixed the fact it considered hyphen a valid character
  • Main window in floating mode shoulnd't be allowed to maximize, that's now disabled in floating mode
  • Level2, WatchList & TimeAndSales weren't displaying dark pool prints, making them look out of sync with the charts downloaded from chart server
  • Fix for some rare users where IPv6 was used, our DNS aren't resolving that properly, so if it detects an IPv6 resolving, we use the default IP for the load balancer
  • Faster switch between accounts in the portfolio especially if many orders are present (On multi-accounts)
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 518 2019-01-09
  • Orders for charts complete rework
  • Added possibility for charts to Show/Hide Trades (So called Triangles) based on an option
  • Fixed typo in TopTen
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 517 2019-01-08
  • Fixed issue with loading after a new install, seemed to be due to DefaultLayout being locked and remaining locked. Seems Anti-virus related
  • Fixed Chart DrawingObjects, when double clicked, was causing a crash
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 516 2019-01-07
  • Added Color Profiles on Level2
  • Started work on a new Faster Level2 window
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 514 2019-01-02
  • Fixed watchlist saving of columns (and will load a layout that was erroneously saved properly now)
  • Fixed level2 Volume which was loading last trade size, instead of day volume
  • Made layouts load significantly faster
  • TimeAndSales can now be closed
  • Level2 Hotkeys issue when clicking number pad is resolved
  • Charts should load today's bar properly in Daily
  • Charts when adding an indicator, it now opens up settings automatically so users can see the options to customize
  • Added the 30mins and 60mins buttons to charts
  • In chart, if you type "8m"+Enter, it will load the chart as 8 minutes, any number between 1m and 90m works
  • Added a settings button next to the LinkToGroup but only have the level2 currently showing it, preferences still needs to be done
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 512 2019-12-26
  • Made VWAP a parameter to AddTrade in ProCharts
  • Calculate VWAP from the historical records received in Charts to match old build 496
  • Options Cell click handling works
  • Layouts should saved properly
  • When closing the application, it’s a lot faster
  • VWAP has been re-added. It calculates it from the bars close * Volume, of the main session. Pre market is same as each bar's close, and post market it will remain the same as 4pm.
  • Changed the SplashScreen
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 510 2019-12-20
  • Sending of CrashReport to the servers implemented
  • Fixed some protocol conversion issues from the old code
  • Level2 fixes to make it match the old code
  • Ability to type in a symbol on most symbol based windows anywhere in the window
  • Added a "New layout" button to Pro Main window
  • Fixed the main window so floating windows are not always in front of the Main Window
  • Chart Control keys +/- for zoom in/zoom out
  • Cleanup on closing the application to be faster and more error free
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 505 2019-12-17
  • Fixes to layout issues, complete rebuild of how windows implement it
  • Added very basic indicator property editor
  • Fixed a bug in charts where it wasn't reloading the indicator set
  • Complex options now checks for the underlying when loading chains
  • Added time into the System Message window
  • Very old no longer used HotKeys code cleanup
  • Major rewrite of data flow into Level2 window for speed
Beta ZeroPro V3 Build 504 2019-12-15
  • First Setup release of new Beta Build
  • Made ActiveWindow title be a Bright Green for easier identification of which window is active
  • Made Level2 windows OnDemand rather than pre-created (removed limitations)
  • Removed All experimental indicators
  • HotKeys little UI improvements
  • Started to rework the flow of messages between the data Protocol and windows
  • Started rewriting Layouts handling
  • Removed old broken ComplexOptions
  • Fixed conversion bug with Volume & VWAP
  • Added protection for ProCharts on Indicator calculations. After 20 calculation errors, it stops calculating that indicator
  • Made Charts save to Layouts
First Beta ZeroPro V3 2018-11-15
  • Complete options window rewrite
  • Complete data protocol handling rewrite, which was causing heavy delays and reconnections on older builds with slower user hardware
  • Integrated new ProCharts and removed the old charting package, which is more useable and much faster
  • Reorganization of the UI for an accross the application consistency (Like level2 especially)
  • Fixed applied to Window Linking and also consistency on the window link button in the titlebar

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